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Back to Basics Women’s T-shirt

There are only a handful of garments every wardrobe should hold, with a basic but versatile long-sleeved t-shirt being one of them. Whether worn alone or layered under or over your other go-to pieces, it offers endless options and outfit combinations. Plus, it will help balance your temperature come heat or cold thanks to our breathable, thermoregulating, totally organic hemp fabric. Fabulous. By purchasing this product: 🚰You save 40-50% water per hectare with comparison to cotton. 🌳You save 75% of trees per acre ⏚You contribute to healing soils (what hemp does) 🐛You significantly contribute to reducing the amount of pesticides used 🦶1.92kgs CO2 offset, you are reducing your carbon footprint + 💜10% of your payment goes to supporting girls/women who experienced abuse: Himaya