Would you like to collaborate with us?

Option #1. Affiliate program

Advertise us on your social media channel, and/or in your blog entries on your website and as soon purchase made from the link we will send 15% of the profit value to your account. If you have better ideas or interested in more details just get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Option #2. Retail offer

Would you like to sell hempy people products in your store? It is possible and you can receive up to 20% of the profit earned. You can also select the items and see if you would like to have a customized collection that is more aligned with your vision. It is possible. Get in touch for more details.

Option #3. Franchise

Do you feel aligned with our vision and would like to join the Hempy People team. Hop on and receive branding, training, consulting and mentoring to set up your Hempy People experience store in your part of the world. What an adventure that is going to be 🙂 Reach out for this and other projects that are available as franchising solutions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.