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5 reasons why hemp will dominate in eco-fashion

When it comes to sustainable fashion, hemp is the new black.


Hemp is an incredibly environmentally-friendly crop that can be used for everything from food to fuel to fabric. It’s naturally resistant to pests, so it doesn’t require pesticides. Hemp is also easy to grow, requiring little water and no pesticides.


So why are we just hearing about this now? Well, technically hemp has been used for thousands of years and was a major commodity in colonial America, but it was banned in 1937 because it was thought to be too similar to marijuana. Now that science has shown that they’re not related (and with the recent legalization of marijuana), it’s time to get back on track with this green wonder material!


So if you want to look good while doing good: wear hemp, but let me also tell you about some more reasons why hemp is going to dominate the slow fashion market:



#1. Hemp says no to pesticides and yes to the green movement


Who would think that hemp could be the solution to more and more fashion problems? Hemp is said to be a sustainable, natural and respiration neutral material. It is kind of ironic that a plant that was once illegal in several states because of its capacity to create drugs, is now seen as potentially the key ingredient to a more sustainable fashion industry. If you are looking for cool hemp fashion yet want to remain in line with your green preferences, start considering using hemp in your next t-shirt or fleece. It just makes sense! If you want to feel as cool as your favorite Hollywood starlet or live as naturally as possible, you can't go wrong with hemp clothing. So what are you waiting for? Hemp is ready to take over the fashion world, and it's time that you did your part and jumped on this trend (even if just for fun).


#2. Hemp safeguards your skin


When talking about sustainable fashion, hemp is still at the beginning of its way to being one of the most important materials. Hemp fibers are 20% stronger than cotton and 3 times stronger than wool. Beautiful natural fibres feel soft and silky to touch. They breathe and thermoregulate allowing the body to maintain a constant optimal temperature. Naturally grown in balanced ecosystems with no use of chemicals it is an ideal material for organic and fair trade products. Hemp fibres can be used as both warp and weft which makes it difficult to unravel (unlike cotton) making it a safe choice for your wardrobe.



#3. Hemp is a packaging option too


Whether it's just t-shirts and pants or leather bags, now there is a range of items that are wrapped up in hemp paper. And it's not only hemp paper, but hemp fabric is being used on the inside of clothing and other textiles. So whether you're an environmentalist looking to make an impact with your clothing choices or not, with hemp products you definitely get a good deal.



#4. Hemp cares about the environment and people too


It is true that the fashion industry as a whole is in desperate need of change – beginning with sustainable innovation and continuing through to increased transparency and inclusivity. The RISE movement, led by Stella McCartney and others, takes a stand for fair treatments for everyone involved in any stage of the supply chain, from raw material to finished product. And as consumers, we have a role to play as well. That’s why it’s time to rethink what we put on our bodies and how we choose our clothing.



#5. Hemp is an energy saving solution


Luckily, Hemp fabrics need less water, fertilizer and pesticides than cotton - which leads to better air quality and soil quality too. Just so you know, cotton requires 9,758 kg of water per kg while hemp needs between 2,401 and 3,401 kg of water per kg. This represents a 75% water saving. It’s really big, isn’t it? Additionally, hemp has been shown to absorb more CO2 from our atmosphere than other natural fibers. It's only common sense that this eco-friendly fabric will grow in popularity! 

After all, hemp is a great choice for manufacturing because the material is sustainable, plentiful, and highly versatile. It's not too late to invest in hemp clothing! It supports small businesses, living wages, fair trade, and a healthier environment. Join the tribe!