About us

We started hempy people to sell the philosophy of sustainability. Our intention is to promote the idea that we all have a choice. A choice who we want to be and how we want to create ourselves. By giving lots of customization options in our products we want to inspire you to be yourself and choose yourself. First and foremost.

What is our vision?

We are here to support and give exposure to hemp manufacturers from all over the world. With the support of 15+ suppliers from almost every continent we can offer a wide range of products for sustainability-focused businesses.

Our primary focus is to provide high-quality customer service, while working on whitelabelling, customization requests. We operate on B2B basis and are open to new collaboration ideas, exciting projects that can help industrial hemp get more exposure and visibility as the number one eco-friendly material that is shaping and inspiring emerging economies all over the world.

Our values

Being sustainable and working in harmony with the planet is at the very heart of what we do, which is why our entire process is fair to workers and the Earth.

We use the highest quality 100% organic hemp sourced from one of the world’s most sustainable suppliers in India. Grown with no toxic chemicals or genetically modified seeds, our hemp is grown according to ecological methods that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

We’ve chosen to support small, family-owned manufacturers who love hemp as much as we do. So, by buying Hempy People, you’re giving back at every step of the way.

Forget about cardboard boxes and plastic wraps, because our garments come housed in handy re-usable hemp bags that don’t harm your clothes or the environment. But our work doesn’t stop there, as with each purchase we’re contributing to global initiatives helping protect our planet.

Our commitment to the cause comes full circle, so from seed to store, you can rest assured that we’re putting your needs – and the needs of our planet – first.