Hempara Workshops

The Sustainable Tribe

Who Are We?

Healers. Teachers. Creators.

We are a community of like-minded and enthusiastic individuals super passionate about sustainability and co-creating with others.

We run workshops using edutainment tools. Education and Entertainment. Fun for kids and adults, too. Learn about sustainability and enjoy the process 🙂

We are also super keen on raising awareness of hemp, a God-given plant which is a blessing in so many ways. Please get in touch if you would love to learn more about us. We are all ears and looking forward to hearing from you

What is Hempara?

Hempara is a collaboration between UAE-based artisans and Hempy People Trading LLC. We are building a HEMPire focusing on introducing customized clothes, shoes, yoga mats, cosmetics and many other products and concepts developed from hemp. Our intention is to offer education + entertainment for teens and adults in English and in Arabic.

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A Glimpse of Hempara Workshops
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