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Yset Yoga Mat

Forget about smelly, sweaty yoga mats, because our 100% hemp offering helps you keep your cool throughout your practice. A great eco-friendly alternative to rubber or foam, it’s as good for the planet as it is for your workout – boasting a smooth, hardwearing, non-slip surface that absorbs excess moisture without a chemical or man-made fiber in sight. Easy to fold and housed in a convenient, stylish hemp carry bag, it’s practical, portable, and strong enough to see you through your sun salutations, downward dogs, and beyond. By purchasing this product: 🚰You save 40-50% water per hectare with comparison to cotton. 🌳You save 75% of trees per acre ⏚You contribute to healing soils (what hemp does) 🐛You significantly contribute to reducing the amount of pesticides used 🦶1.92kgs CO2 offset, you are reducing your carbon footprint + 💜10% of your payment goes to supporting girls/women who experienced abuse: Himaya