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Hemp vs Linen clothes: Which is better?

Whether you want to grow hemp or weave it into your own textiles, these benefits will certainly save you plenty of money compared to purchasing linen and other related materials. In fact, hemp has plenty of applications and uses ranging from food to fuel. Since its fibers are strong, durable, and resistant to water and dust, there is no doubt that hemp is the best choice for sustainable growth.

But let's look into some more details here:

Hemp is a versatile plant with a long history. It can be used for its fiber, textiles, paper products, medicine and food. Linen shirts are trendy and breathable but have a tendency to wrinkle at the slightest movement.

A more luxurious option

Hemp is the choice of luxury and linen is banned in most of the countries around the world due to its health issues.

A more sustainable option

Hemp fabric is plant-based and is far more sustainable than linen. Hemp fibers do not deplete the soil unlike linen, which needs to be replenished with nutrients. The large amounts of flax produced annually exceed the capacity of manufacturing and this trash is often a nuisance for farmers, who have no space to store it. In addition, flax is susceptible to damage, taking a long time to mend and repair as opposed to hemp which can be mended easily and quickly.

A more environmentally friendly option

Finally, hemp is more environmentally friendly than linen. Linen production requires large amounts of water and is also a heavy source of CO2 emissions due to its running machinery. Furthermore, hemp produces enough good for eight people per year.

Overall, both hemp and linen have their uses, but hemp is more cost-effective, easier to produce and healthier for the world. Hemp may be a new alternative to replace the worn out linen in production. It is just so much better than linen in pretty much every single aspect.

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