Hempy Paper

Change your toilet paper & Save the forests

Toilet paper is the staple of human hygiene products, with its soft tissue used on sweaty behinds across the world. But did you know that toilet paper is very bad for the environment? It's true — one of the most regrettable tools of modern man is destroying forests at a rapid rate. It's time to put aside your Kleenex, and see why hemp paper is the new way to get clean!

Easy to process - Stronger than wood

You've probably heard that hemp is stronger than wood, but did you know that it's also far easier to process into paper than wood? This probably doesn't mean a lot if you're not in the business of making paper, but the point I'm getting at is that growing hemp lessens the human impact on our environment. It's 100% natural fiber that is short, thin and glossy, and doesn't require toxic chemicals to process into paper, and is stronger than wood-based papers.

Study note: Hemp paper, also called hemp fiber, is actually made by pressing together the fibers of the hemp plant to create paper. It can be used for things like paper, rope, cloth, building materials, water bottles — even biodegradable plastic bags!

Carbon dioxide - negative

Did you know that the production of hemp paper absorbs more carbon dioxide than the production of tree paper? I didn't. Yup, this one surprised me too! It's true. Compared to producing wood based paper, hemp absorb more carbon dioxide during its growth. That also means that it takes less energy to produce hemp paper. Conclusion: not all paper is created equal. Hemp and hemp-based papers have a lower carbon footprint.

More absorbent - more hygienic

Hemp paper is naturally stronger and more absorbent than wood pulp paper. This makes it the ideal material to use for a number of products, including napkins, towels and toilet paper. And you might be surprised but it has been the main component of our wipes for a long time and then times have changed, but it is back again. Ready to invest in better hygiene practices? Choose hemp.


I think it's safe to say that hemp is the most versatile natural resource ever, and we have only begun to scratch the surface of what this plant can do. With time and technology, hemp may one day be able to help us solve many of the world's energy, food and clothing problems. And if you're tired of hearing about sustainability and the environment, just imagine what might happen when hemp is legalized across the world. For now though, I'm going to be happy with some hemp paper towels. How about your? What changes are you planning to make?

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